last update: 16-10-2021


I am one of MAHAK’s cancer-survivors. I was diagnosed with ALL in 2012 in Sanandaj which is a city in the West of Iran. My mother insisted that I receive treatment services in Tehran; so, my oncologist recommended MAHAK Hospital. We went to Tehran and I admitted at MAHAK Hospital and became one of the thousands of MAHAK children.
I don’t like to make the story tragic, but I was feeling really bad and when I asked my mother about my disease. She told me my disease is anemia and told me that I would get well soon. I didn’t feel well at the beginning of the treatment process but after a while and by passing the treatment stages, I got better and better and I recovered.
The important point was that my family told me that I was suffering from anemia and I had believed them but after a year, I realized what my disease really was. As it is written on one of the tableaus at MAHAK: “Where ever love comes to reside, all the impossible will be possible.”
P.S. This memory has been shared with us by one of cancer survivors as a direct message on Instagram.