last update: 05-09-2021


Amir Mohammad, MAHAK’s naughty boy, has fought cancer since birth time. The little boy of the great family of MAHAK has a manly smile on the face and likes to be a soldier and then a colonel to arrest all the thieves. He knows the treatment process very well because he has passed the hard stages of treatment in childhood to regain health.
January 27 is MAHAK Cancer-Survivors Day which has been entitled so on the occasion of the birthday of Kiana, the daughter of MAHAK’s founder who successfully fend off cancer. This day belongs to children who have passed their treatment days, have grown up and they are living healthily and happily as the result of your constant support. Amir Mohammad is one of those children.
Today more than 20,000 children are under treatment and support of MAHAK. The presence of the 7600 cancer-survivors makes the ever-growing family of MAHAK more confident about the survival of cancer-stricken children. We rely on your heartwarming support and we believe with your care and patronage we can one day celebrate the eradication of pediatric cancer.