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When I first arrived at MAHAK, I had been expecting to visit a typical charity hospital. But much to my surprise, MAHAK was far from the muted and bland hospital that I had previously pictured. From the moment I stepped inside, I was welcomed to a rush of bustling activity. People from all over Tehran were gathered around together chatting, eating, shopping, and just having a good time. The first thing that immediately 

caught my eye was the variety of beautiful and bright paintings decorating the walls. As I ventured further into the hospital, I was greeted by people working at different stands selling a large variety of merchandise. While purchasing a couple of MAHAK bracelets, I could hear the loud noise of an announcer shouting out different prices for a grand painting in the middle of the crowd. Coming from a small town in America, I was truly amazed by the enthusiasm and culture of the fundraiser. Hundreds of people of all ages were gathered together to enjoy good music and food for a single cause. The cheerful atmosphere made it hard to believe that the building was a hospital. I was inspired to spend the rest of my vacation volunteering at this thriving charity.

Now, I volunteer in the International Relations department at MAHAK every day. I spend each day putting my language skills to use. For me, speaking Farsi is like wrestling. Fortunately, the friendly and outgoing women I work with are fluent in both English and Farsi so I have the ability to switch between languages if necessary. When I first arrived, they immediately informed me of MAHAK’s current projects and future goals and explained to me the ways in which I could help out. Once more, I was shocked at how easy it was to help out and make a difference. Though I work in an unfamiliar place with people I have just recently met, the kind people along with the lively environment make volunteering a great experience. Just listening to the cancer patients dance and sing to lively music after chemotherapy makes me grateful to have had the chance to help out.