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I support MAHAK by working there as a volunteer social worker. As a volunteer I spend two days a week with children in playroom. You may not believe it how joyful is when you play with children and entertain them. Most of the time, We play music and children start dancing and twisting. We also play various types of game such as hide and seek, chess, puzzle and so on to entertain these lovely children. 

One day I was invited to one of my friends’ wedding so I decided to spend couple of hours with children and leave MAHAK a bit early to attend the ceremony in time. Therefore, I went to MAHAK and started playing with children and cracking jokes to make them laugh same as usual. After some hours, I checked the time and I came to know that I had got to go. While I was getting ready to leave there, one of the children asked me if I could stay longer. I explained the reason to them and once they understood that I was leaving to attend the wedding ceremony they all started dancing and singing to cheer me up. Then I felt that it is time to josh them by drawing a question. I told them suppose that I was going to a funeral so what you would do? Immediately they started crying and mourning. I laughed from bottom of my heart when I saw them imitating to make me happy. I had a great time with them that day and I wished I could stay longer. I kissed all of them and left there however my mind was still there.