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He came to my room and said: “Since the window of my room does not face the street, can I come here and see my sisters through the window?”
‏I went towards the window and said: "Where are your sisters?" "They are coming with a white car, they are approaching" he said and pressed his face against the window glass. He was so excited that when I came to my senses, I saw I was also pressed my face against the window glass from the other side of the chair, and I was cheering when the white car reached the corner of the street.
‏Yes, today I was so excited to see two lovely sisters, a cousin and one of the most lovable aunts in the world whose faces were not clear in the distance and behind the window glass. If they could hear the voice of our sweet boy, they would have heard the most beautiful sentences in the world from a seven-year-old boy: "I love you. I miss you, kisses… I'll be coming soon."
‏When the visitors left, he took a deep breath as he pressed his face against the window glass again and said, "Finally, after twenty days, I saw them. How happy my heart is!" and went on so seriously, "Of course, we talk to each other through social media several times a day, but seeing them from behind the window was such a different pleasure!"
‏I looked out the window at the middle of the boulevard, where the visitors were standing until a few minutes ago, and I thought what a pity they could not pay a visit because of the Coronavirus, and are so far away. But what was "far" from my point of view, with poor quality seeing and visiting was "close" to him; much closer than the big faces in video calls!
‏"Close" took on a different meaning for me today; a meaning that I cannot find a suitable word or sentence to describe it… except love.
‏P.S. This is a memory of one of the MAHAK's psychologists