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A benefactor mom who teaches kindness to his son, Sepehr, and tells us of her love and support toward children with cancer made a heartwarming reminder to us.
You will love this text if you are one of people whose heart beats for the fellow beings:
 “I bought a simple piggy bank for my little son, Sepehr, so that my husband and I could teach him how to save money and buy a better birthday present for next year with the money he collects within a year. I would have liked to buy a bigger and better piggy bank for Sepehr every year to buy exciting and beautiful birthday gifts year after year. However, my friend who has lost her child because of cancer told me about MAHAK’s donation boxes. Then, I decided to give Sepehr one of these donation boxes as a gift instead of the usual piggy bank. We ordered MAHAK’s donation box and received it without any cost or difficulty. I showed it to Sepehr and asked him that From now on we will collect our money in this donation box and send it to children who have a hard illness to help them get well soon. Sepehr agreed eagerly and the donation box replaced the piggy bank. I think Sepehr can be happy enough with a small gift and a simple birthday party, but children who get diseases like cancer and the worried families who have to go through this difficult path may be able to experience health and happiness with our supports. To be honest, ordering MAHAK’s donation boxes has a very easy process and whenever it gets full, you can contact MAHAK to exchange it.”
We are proud of Sepehr’s mother and all the donors who stay with MAHAK children and support them even during such tough times.