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“My daughter, Laleh, is our only child. She always liked to have many siblings and a crowded family and told us in her sweet childish language:” I like our home to have many rooms and I like the rooms to be full of children of my age so that I can play with them.”
Our beautiful daughter got cancer when she was 7. When we were told about this bitter fact, we tried not to lose heart and start her treatment very soon; that’s how we came to MAHAK. On her first day at the hospital I kept crying stealthily in a way that Laleh wouldn’t understand.  Suddenly, the chemo ward’s door opened and a group of music and theater artists entered and asked all the children to go out of their rooms to sing and enjoy. Laleh’s eyes glowed with joy and she said:” Yessss! Mom! We have come to my favorite home! There are lot children here! Can I go out of my room to play and sing with them?”
When I saw Laleh who was enthused with the event and was drowned in her childish life, I was reminded that the thrill to live life which is an innate phenomenon is stronger than any hardship. Then I decided to have my morale boosted, stay strong and do my best till my daughter’s complete recovery from cancer.
We have believed that cancer is not an end to childhood as a result of the donors and volunteers' support. Let’s always give hope to parents of cancer-stricken children so that they know they are not alone in the path of their children’s treatment.