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“A famous saying is: In despair there is hope. This sentence had no meaning to me till my son, Amir Sam got cancer and treatments had no results on his body. During those days the most beautiful phenomena in the world sounded pointless to me. Even if all the fire changed into flowers and all the people became overjoyed and drowned in happiness, I would still be desperate because my whole world was the little hands of my beloved son who was becoming skinnier every day.
The dream of me and his mother was Amir Sam’s being able to play in the park near our home again and seeing his thrill and joy while swinging or going up the slide. The darkest despair to us was that our son wouldn’t recover with the received treatments. However, ‘Stem Cell Transplantation’ changed everything. A matching sample had been found and Amir Sam could come back to life once more.
We had a hard time but his mother and I had become revived. While were coping with the difficulties of Stem Cell Transplantation during the tough period of the lockdown we realized the Transplantation had worked and our son was on the road to recovery. That was when we were thrilled with happiness and shed tears of joy and thanked God.” 
Here at MAHAK numerous desperate people have got their lost hope back and over 6,500 of our heroes have survived cancer. Hereby, we thank all the donors and supporters who never leave MAHAK children alone even during the period of lockdown. May health stay with every one of us all around the world.