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“Mersana is my little niece; she is the apple of my eye and the reason for my happiness. She goes to MAHAK for cancer treatment these days. While people have numerous concerns and worries, my beloved niece fights cancer. To many people the concerns of MAHAK children may not be unknown but we didn’t know them before Mersana’s disease. Now we know that doctors, nurses and the whole medical team work hard for cancer-stricken children. Look at the drawing on her hand! Her nurse has drawn it for her. My love, my brave and strong Mersana was excited and kept looking at it for one whole day! To me nothing is lovelier than seeing Mersana’s excitement. Her happiness is the real meaning of life to us.”
Mersana’s aunt sent us this photo with her parents’ consent and told us about their current condition at the time of the Coronavirus outbreak. Health and recovery will only come back to MAHAK children with your donations and support. We look forward to sharing Mersana’s photo on this page after she survives cancer.