last update: 07-02-2023



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When I sent you the photo of my son, I decided to express my deepest appreciation to you for doing your best for our children so that they regain health. My son, Mahdi, has gone into remission and I have sent you this photo while I am thrilled and I want to share my fatherly happiness and joy with you. I wish the families of all MAHAK children will experience this unique indescribable feeling because of their beloved children’s recovery.
While we are far from each other these days due to the spread of Coronavirus, the recovery of MAHAK children from cancer can still make us very happy and can diminish our concerns. The message of Mahdi’s father belongs to all the members of the ever-expanding family of MAHAK especially the donors who haven’t left MAHAK children alone in the current tough situation caused by the Coronavirus outbreak. We appreciate your companionship.
P.S. The photo and the text in this post have been sent as a DM to us.