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"May 6, 2020 may have been an ordinary day for many people or many might have been upset because of being far from their loved ones to protect against Coronavirus. However, no day is more beautiful than May 6, 2020. My beloved son, Amir Reza, received chemotherapy for the last time and from then onward we are supposed to refer to the hospital for periodical checkups. My son was under treatment for 14 months and on that day when his treatment process ended, he made me so hopeful about his complete recovery from cancer. This is what I have been looking forward to for 14 months and has only become possible with the endeavors of healthcare heroes. Now I feel my heart is full of hope and happiness. We know that we should refer to hospital for checkups for some years but this is just like we are celebrating Amir Reza’s rebirth."
This was a message from Amir Reza’s father who has recently gone into remission. His father called the people who were the cause to his son’s recovery as healthcare heroes. The donors who do not forget cancer-stricken children even in such hard circumstances and the medical team who do their best in treating children with cancer and you as ones who are concerned about these children are all healthcare heroes.
Stay with us and support MAHAK children so that more and more children celebrate their recovery from cancer.