last update: 07-02-2023



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The first time I cuddled Mohammad Parsa, the sweet feeling of motherhood went over my heart and I thought how difficult it could be to be a mother. The thought that I was responsible to the little being to whom I had given birth and that I had to do my best for his happiness did not leave me for a second. I thought that being a mother had added lots of difficulties to my life but when I heard the word cancer after my son's name, everything collapsed in my life and I realized that coping with this mishap is more challenging than all the responsibilities I had thought of as a mother.


Now we are at MAHAK and his treatment process has started. When MAHAK's photographer asked if we wanted to take a photo, I was reminded of his healthy days. I signed the consent letter to allow photography looking forward to the day when I put this photo next to the one of his recovery thanking God for giving Mohammad Parsa to us for the second time.


All MAHAK mothers hope that their beloved children will regain their complete health. MAHAK family's constant care and patronage lightens such sparkles of hope in mothers' hearts in the hardest conditions of coping with cancer. We, at MAHAK, appreciate your support and believe that the golden hearts of the children and their families will be replete with hope as long as you continue caring and supporting.


P.S. Photography is only allowed if parents sign the related consent letter at MAHAK due to the fact that the dignity of cancer-stricken children and their families is of the greatest value and importance for us.