last update: 07-02-2023



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Right at the time she was waiting eagerly for her little daughter to learn to say mom, the little one was fretful and cried all the time. She had never thought of her daughter's staying in bed instead of being in the playground. She had dreamed of happy moments that she could experience along with her beloved daughter, but cancer changed everything.


Today and after the passage of a couple of months, the mother has got over these thoughts. With the help of psychologists, social workers and members of MAHAK's parents group; the mother is feeling better now and doesn’t think about the past anymore. She is looking forward to the day when her daughter is a healthy and happy university student with shiny bright days ahead of her. We hope all our children recover from cancer and they all gain their wellbeing in near future.


P.S. The photo is not related to this story but it is for another beloved child of MAHAK.