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She entered the elevator with her son and after selecting the floor number she stood aside. She suddenly noticed the photo in the elevator. It showed two cancer-survivors before and after the recovery and was captioned with a congratulations message on the occasion of MAHAK's cancer-survivors' day. The mother smiled as she was cuddling his son and told him: "Look at these photos honey! I should take a photo of you so that we will have the same as this one after your recovery." The kind mother had a smile of satisfaction and hope on her face as she was leaving the elevator. She was going to the hospital ward for the treatment of her son while she was more hopeful than ever.


The recovery of our children from cancer has pleased the supporters of MAHAK. But this time it made a mother believe that her son can defeat cancer just like more than 6000 children who had survived cancer and are living their lives healthily and happily. We look forward to the day when we can celebrate the recovery of all children from cancer as a result of your ongoing support and collaboration.