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I remember we were invited to a celebration which was held by MAHAK in an amusement park in August. I went there with my little son. You could hear the noise from children's playing and laughter. I was thrilled and tears of joy filled my eyes. I told myself that this entire event has been held to create joyous moments for the children and this great deed can only be done by people with great hearts to amuse the children and satisfy the. I was thinking about all these when I saw a kind lovely face. It was Ms. Saideh Ghods, the founder of MAHAK. She looked at MAHAK children with her kind eyes and had a nice smile. She was there to witness the happiness of children. I believe the founders of MAHAK have soothed many hearts by establishing this organization. They shine like diamonds!
At the end of the day we went home joyfully. This was my best memory after the remission of my son.
Ehsan's mother- a member of MAHAK's parents' group