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There are many mothers who usually nag about daily routines which have stopped them from making time for themselves or made them to give services to their family all the time. But my life and its difficulties are beyond what most of people experience because my child was diagnosed with a severe illness; brain tumor.
He went through the entire treatment procedure though he was only a child. Receiving chemotherapy was a heavy burden on his shoulders which he put them behind like a real hero. After all those days, he is in remission now. 
Those days for us were like a kind of bilateral training days which strengthened our soul. He taught me patience and strength while I was giving him all I had, my love and hope. Thank God a million times for having him in my life, I am absolutely proud of him and love to spend all of my time with him. 
His remission is the result of so many people’s endeavors at MAHAK, his patience and a gift from God.