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Bahar’s story, a seven year old girl with cancer which inspired her family to be a part of MAHAK to help the cancer stricken children and their family. 
“Just imagine you and your family in the extreme happiness when suddenly your energetic and happy little girl feels sick. It happened to us. Bahar got fever and the doctors diagnosed her with a simple flu. She received medicine and got better. It happened for the second time and the diagnosis was flu again. We followed the treatment but it did not work. We did a blood test and the result showed that the white cells are not within the normal range so we came to Tehran immediately.
I knew she was sick but I never even in my wildest nightmares ever thought it could be cancer. At that moment, my whole world fell apart! Hearing 'Cancer' felt so surreal. A simple flu unexpectedly changes into cancer. A little happy girl, who always spread happiness and excitement wherever she went, was at the hospital and we didn’t know what would happen next. I was totally panicked.
At the hospital, social workers were trying to talk to me but the only thing running through my mind was “my daughter, my little sweet angel has cancer”.  I don’t know after how long but at last they could make me understand to get medical and support services from MAHAK, an NGO which is helping us to get through such circumstances.
Anyway, Bahar was admitted at MAHAK hospital. In the last days she got so weak and so involved with cancer. I even couldn’t stop crying whenever I looked at her. I couldn’t believe the girl sleeping on the bed is the same one a few days back. We stayed in the ward for two nights. Despite of our tiredness she told me all the things she loved. We planned to visit many places she loved. She wanted me to take her to the sea where she can swim, play and collect shells. The third night, we postponed our planning to the next day, the thing which never ever happened. They had to take her to ICU because of her emergency situation and there, my beautiful little girl got her angel wings.
You know, it was so disappointing and overwhelming to deal with such a horrible situation. There was no reason for being strong anymore. Something was broken inside me; something which I clearly knew never comes back. But just like the past three days, I was not alone. I experienced three days of MAHAK support services and those three days were enough to believe in MAHAK.
Those three days was the most challenging time in my life, but the only thing which can make me calm is that by support of MAHAK, I could spend the whole those days with my daughter without being worried about expenses, insurance and such things. After a while that I came to myself I strongly tended to do something to encourage the children and their family to fight with cancer confidently and hopefully. All my family gathered together and by MAHAK consultation and support we started giving support services to children and their family in our city, Hamedan.
I never thought that I could work in such an environment. Whenever I see a mother experiencing what I went through, I start speaking with her. I try to make her calm and clear about what she has to face. The pleasing point is that this makes me calm even more than these mothers. I don’t know how but when I talk about Bahar among the family I cannot control my emotions but here, amazingly I am totally a different person. These days I feel Bahar, my little angel is alive and among us. I wish the children suffering from cancer and their families can experience MAHAK support services to alleviate their fears and worries and put all their efforts on being with their child. I hope for a day that all children with cancer around the world never be in pain.”
Bahar’s Mom