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“Oh Lord; why me?” it was the first and only question turning in my mind after receiving my child’s test result. The voice was so loud in my head that I was just trying to turn it down and calm myself. Fear and confusion were like a burden on my shoulders and I had to carry them all the time. But now, I am strong and full of hope and look back at those days as a dream. I could not go through this without accompanying people who never left me alone whose kindness wiped away all my fears and doubts.
I did believe in MAHAK and I was sure that life and hope still continues for me and my child. Today, I know from the bottom of my heart that it was not my fault; it was a chance to play our best role in the scenes of life, an experience to turn our sorrows into great stories and make cheerful plans for each moment of our life. At the end, we learnt that regardless of any possible result, we would stand stronger to shape our life.
The day we went to hematology, we were fully frustrated and we thought of nothing but losing our child, our love. But we experienced another face of life with MAHAK. I learnt patience from MAHAK children, strength and stability from their parents, and love without expectation from donors and supporters.
We were looking for a miracle unaware of the fact that the only miracle was hope. If I knew from the beginning that my child would be under help and support of MAHAK, after receiving the test result I would have just asked myself “ are you ready for the battle? “
A note from one of MAHAK’s mothers