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Sweetie has to stay at the hospital for cancer treatment. Sweetie sometimes feels bored of this clumsy IV in his hand, the bed, the door, the window, the wall; bored of everything around. All he wants to do is to growl; when he grows up, he will surely figure out that this heavy feeling in his throat is called the sense of homesickness. Sweetie doesn’t want to stay here anymore, instead, he wants to go back to his own home, his own hometown and be with his lovely friends, neighbors and his lovely grannies.
Sweetie pulls the blanket over his face and no matter that his mother calls him over and over, he doesn't say a word. No talk! Anyone anymore. He is going to burst into tears little by little; while suddenly he hears a sound! What is this sound? It seems that someone is singing a birthday song. Sweetie peeked out of the blanket to see what is going on. There is Aunt Mehri with a birthday cake on her hands with a few colorful balloons.
Aunt Mehri is a volunteer social worker at MAHAK, she has well remembered sweetie’s birthday and baked a little yummy cake with some strawberries above it, since she knows that sweetie likes strawberries. 
Now sweetie is so happy and it can be seen though his feet moving under his blanket with the song! He is waiting to be kissed by his mother then he will eat his cake and celebrate his birthday.