last update: 28-09-2023



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The IV attached to his hand seems so weird! He doesn't remember seeing anyone else with this before which has made him embarrassed to the point that he hides his face whenever someone enters his room.  Not only the ladies in pink scarf say that he should not be ashamed, but even his mom ask him too. She has told him that he is so brave and strong that he can play with the IV in his hand and with no shame.
The next day, he made up his mind and asked the lady who came to his room: “could you please read me a story?” And the miracle happened! From that day on, he not only heard a lot of amazing stories, but also found a lot of new friends to play. Since that day, whenever he comes to MAHAK for his check-ups, he waits with great enthusiasm to meet the ladies in pink and yellow scarf.
P.S. Psychologists (pink scarf) and volunteers (yellow scarf) are trying their best to make sure that all children with all characteristics spend happy times in MAHAK, and cancer will not prevent them from experiencing happy childhood days.