last update: 16-08-2022



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Roniya is a little girl from Kurdistan province of Iran; she has battled cancer like a hero and now has recovered. Every few months, she has to refer to MAHAK for periodic check-ups. Despite the long distance from her home to MAHAK, she always has a smile on her face because taking every step of this way is to make sure she is healthy, as her parents say. She has a great relationship with her physicians and all medical teams at MAHAK and she gets happy by visiting them.
It has been years that all of us at MAHAK do our best to realize the mission of supporting cancer-stricken children throughout Iran and we hope for a day when we can expand these services in every area in our country so more children can receive cancer care in their own cities.
MAHAK is the organization of great wishes and we get inspired to fulfill them since we have your trust and support. We wish health for Roniya and all of MAHAK children no matter where they live.