last update: 10-01-2024




From Illness to Resilience
The live we witness in MAHAK is truly amazing. Every day MAHAK children transform into thriving survivors! They are part of our big diverse family. MAHAK has lots of children, grandchildren, brides, grooms, skilled artisans, kind-hearted doctors, hardworking laborers, exceptional artists, diligent engineers and dedicated drivers. When we gather together, it’s a sight to behold. Our children, the little warriors, they were once patients, but now they’ve grown, they are working in different fields. Now, after 30 years, we formed a great family of 14,500 survivors with lots of accomplishments. Each survivor is living in a corner of this vast country, with memories etched in their mind. Memories that, regardless of how challenging they were, have reached a happy ending and lead to days of good health and well-being!
On the occasion of cancer survivor’s month, the month that reminds us of the importance of hopefulness in the face of life’s greatest challenges. If you are one of MAHAK’s survivors or a family of survivors, share your journey through our email: and let’s inspire others with your strength and resilience.