last update: 07-02-2023






“Today I went to one of MAHAK's playrooms. The children were sitting at a table to draw their favorite things in watercolor and gouache paint. I went in and attracted their attention by saying: "hey! A great piece of news! There will be an international painting fair for children. All of you can participate." One of them said: "Really? What should we paint?" "Whatever you like" I replied and her eyes glittered with excitement.
Then the rest of the children started to ask me lots of questions. I answered all the questions patiently and did my best to keep them fascinated.
The psychologist, who was responsible for looking after the children in this playroom, told me that there is another child who is fond of drawing but he is drawing in his own room. I found his room, the door was open and he was busy drawing. I knocked and went in after getting his consent. I said; Are you Mohammad Reza? Do you know where you are drawing for? And I started to explain and told him about the fair. He became more interested. I told him that I would be grateful if you finish it by tomorrow. "I will finish it in an hour" he said. I thanked him and asked him to give the painting to his psychologist. 
The following day I went to the psychology department to receive the paintings. I was amazed by MAHAK children's pieces of art. Each painting was unique in its own type. Each one was delivering its own message. The paintings were talking to me! They were saying that being sick, staying in the hospital, receiving chemotherapy, being far from relatives and the hometown and other similar factors have not deprived MAHAK children from living the lives of children. Our children had pictured their borderless dreams. From among the paintings one of them showed a farmer harvesting fruits in a beautiful farm, another one was showing a classroom at the end of the academic year and one other painting was of underwater fish and living creatures. Each painting had a magnificent story behind it which was written on a separate piece of paper and disclosed the lovely dreamy childish world of the writer.”
One of MAHAK’s staff

MAHAK always strives to enhance the life quality of cancer-stricken children by providing the required facilities for them to live the life of children. We hope that all the children will have the proper conditions to live in.