last update: 10-01-2024






You have decided to stay home unless a necessary matter occurs which forces you to go out.
You open up the refrigerator numerous times; you check all the TV channels several times and look out the kitchen window to see the street frequently. By checking the time, you realize only 3 minutes have passed.
Time is often playful: it flies when you want it to slow down and it hang slowly when you want it to speed up.
Saeed’s parents are in the same situation these days during the pandemic hit. They are tired of staying home; However, Saeed is the most patient member in his family. Fighting cancer has taught our hero to be patient and deal with any sort of passage of time. In his childhood world, he well knows that there is only one way for passing time; when you do something aimfully, time will pass like a pleasant breeze.
With the help of his parents, Saeed has made a little garden at his room’s window pane; a wheat vase, a lentil vase and a bean vase. Saeed’s thrill caused by gardening has made his parents joyful, too. Now, their little home is full of beautiful plants. MAHAK’s hero has created a garden at home where time passes like a gentle breeze.