last update: 18-01-2023






Hello! I am 3 and I am receiving treatment at MAHAK.
 I love photography and I like to be a photo model in future so that photographers will take lots of photos of me. The other day I left my cap in the taxi and I cried so much for that, then my mother promised to buy me another one and she did that.
When I got my new cap I asked the nurses to tell the kind auntie photographer to take a photo of me. I was very happy when I saw my photo and I put it in my room. My mom says I am very naughty; but I get shy when I see aunts and uncles at MAHAK.
P.S. Saniar speaks in a very lovely way but since he is shy, we heard all you read above from her mom. Our little hero got discharged from the hospital and went home. We look forward to hearing the news of all MAHAK children's recovery from cancer.