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Knock, knock, knock!
Knock, knock, knock!
Someone was knocking on the door. "Come in, please" we said. But the person kept knocking. As soon as we opened the door, a little boy came in while he was holding a wireless phone toy and a teddy bear with sunglasses which looked like inspectors. He pointed his phone to us and said: "I'm inspector Arian!”
-"Hi inspector!" we all said. -"Come on; put your hands on yours heads!" replied Arian! And then a great energy was given to the atmosphere of the room when he came in with his toys.
Arian who is a cancer-survivor comes to MAHAK for his periodical checkups. Our playful son never stops playing even when he refers to the hospital for checkups.
Undoubtedly, with constant support of MAHAK's family more children will recover from cancer and will live happy lives.