last update: 26-10-2022







Adnan and Mohammad made friends at MAHAK.

Adnan and Mohammad made friends at MAHAK.Adnan has recovered from cancer and just comes for his periodical checkups to MAHAK. Because of this he hadn't seen Mohammad for a long time and when he met him in the hospital and asked how he was, Mohammad said that:" I have no appetite to eat and I am getting thin". Adnan smiled and said: "There is no problem. When I was getting chemotherapy I was the same as you. Let's plan a fattening competition. From now on let’s eat more food so that the next time we see each other we will have become fatter. I'm sure you will win." Mohammad agreed and went to get chemotherapy while he was smiling.


We don’t know who will win the competition but we know that both of them are champions, the champions in friendship. We believe that with your contributions all the cancer-stricken children will win the battle against cancer and gain their health again.


 One of MAHAK's Staff