last update: 21-11-2023






My mother made a living by weaving carpets.
My mother made a living by weaving carpets. I and my twin sister used to watch her while she was working and were interested in weaving. Sometimes we tried to do it when our mother was tired. Little by little we learned the art and at the times she got tired we sat at the loom and started to weave. At first we made mistakes, once for example we tore a part of the woven carpet! But gradually we learned everything and made our own small carpet looms to weave our own small carpets.
Time passed until three years ago that I was diagnosed with cancer, I had a hard time. I was at the hospital; I had missed my carpet loom and was very fretful and really longed to go back home. As a result my mother decided to bring my small carpet loom to MAHAK. 
When weaving the first knot, I prayed all my friends would get well soon. I wish to become a famous carpet weaver. I sold the carpet I had woven at MAHAK and now it is the third one I am weaving.
Amir Reza, the eleven-year-old son of MAHAK, who told us the above story has been in remission for a year and has received the first rank in a carpet weaving competition in his province. He has received many awards for his creativity and art. He likes to be a famous carpet weaver in future.