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Ways to get Involved?

There are many ways which provide philanthropists with the chance to choose the program will suit their interests to help MAHAK never give up on supporting cancer-stricken children.

Types of support:

1. Financial Support
ISCC Online Donation
International society for Children with Cancer known as ISCC, MAHAK affiliate, is a non-profit organization established in the state of California, US to help providing financial assistance for indigent children suffering from cancer and their families in third world countries. You can always contact ISCC through Tel: (949) 679-9911, Fax: (949) 679-3399 and visit their website:

IKKH Online Donation
Another MAHAK affiliate that established recently is IKKH in Hamburg, Germany and donations collected there are channeled through IKKH. For more information visit
- Cash
you can assist MAHAK through cash donations. In this method, you can come to MAHAK offices located in Tehran and dedicate your donations. Meanwhile you can also transfer the cash through online payment if you stay in Iran. There are couple of account numbers for those who stay outside Iran to transfer the cash through these account numbers. These account numbers are as follows:

2. Gift-in-kind
There is a list of required goods which is available in MAHAK offices and you can find out more about this required items by contacting MAHAK OFFICES.

3. Naming Opportunity
The naming opportunity program provides the donor with the chance to choose a room, department, equipment that can be purchased as a token as a legacy for one’s family or in memory of a loved one.
Although naming opportunity is a new concept here in Iran, it is a well recognized form of fundraising throughout the world.

4. Volunteer Work
Volunteer workers are one of the main pillars of the MAHAK society, as well as its largest investment. In fact, one of the main sources of income for MAHAK comes from its volunteers. A volunteer is a philanthropist who performs good deeds without receiving any kind of payment. Here in MAHAK, a volunteer accepts a task related in some way to MAHAK and becomes responsible for it. There are volunteers who work voluntary in all branches of MAHAK, from the founder of MAHAK to the members of the boards of trustees, directors and so on. Furthermore, many of the most prominent M.Ds in the field of cancer work and support MAHAK voluntarily.

5. Group Membership
MAHAK also welcomes the Group Membership of employees in organizations and companies, donating their membership fee deducted from their monthly salary.

6. Corporate Programs
This program is created to ensure donors  loyalty and sustainability of MAHAK. The participants in this program are those companies, institutions and communities  that  wish to make a contribution to supporting our cancer-stricken children. Please visit our corporate programs page to get more information.