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"When I was a little girl, I used to gather all my dolls together and be a mother to them. I hugged them with my little hands to give them the pure motherly love. 

When I grew up I realized I like to be a mother and cuddle my own beloved child. Picturing my future days as a mom who looked at the pretty face of her child warmed my heart and made me pleased. However, life does not always go by as we expect. Now I have a child who is dealing with cancer and in every moment of his treatment I feel like I am battling with cancer. Besides all the difficulties, being a mother  ives me a superpower due to which I consider nothing but staying hopeful. I pray every day for my daughter’s healing so that we can return to normal life. I long to see the day when my daughter has defeated cancer, has become a mother and experiences the unique feeling of motherhood."
Mothers of MAHAK children have a great role in their children's treatment process. On the occasion of the National Mother's Day we hope no mother will get hurt by hearing the news about their child's disease and we look forward to celebrating the recovery of all cancer-stricken children from their disease.

P.S. The photo is for illustration purpose only.