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“When I was a child, I passed many days at my granny’s in our small town.
“When I was a child, I passed many days at my granny’s in our small town. Aziz Joon (which means dear granny in English) was a kind and sophisticated person and whenever I was upset or I cried, she caressed me and said: “Go to the yard. Tell the breeze which is moving the tree leaves to take your sorrows away and get them off your heart. That’s why trees are strong; they give their sorrows to the wind to blow it away… Then they stand strongly where they are.’
Many years have passed since my childhood and Aziz Joon left us a long time ago. Today I have a four-year-old son. My beloved Radin, was diagnosed with blood cancer when he was 3 and this was a mishap which really shook me and his father. Now we are spending our days at MAHAK and whenever I feel gloomy I go to MAHAK’s garden for the parents; this is how we call the back yard of MAHAK Hospital whose tall and great trees remind me of Aziz Joon’s back yard. When I see leaves moving by breeze I still pray my sorrows go away just like my granny said give them to breeze.
MAHAK’s Parents Garden is a small garden where parents of cancer-stricken children can go to at times when they need to get some fresh air, relax and let the wind blow their worries and concerns away. This garden has been made in memory of MAHAK founders’ parents and is one of the little things which revive life in hearts of MAHAK parents. MAHAK has been established 29 years ago with relying on the support of donors aiming to help the little cancer-stricken children regain health.