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"My story started when I travelled from Ilam to Tehran for sampling due to my swollen neck.
"My story started when I travelled from Ilam to Tehran for sampling due to my swollen neck.  I was diagnosed with cancer by my first pathology test. My family and I were hopeless but the photo on the laboratory's wall attracted our attention. A healthy happy child who was smiling and he had a photo in his hand taken during his treatment days; he was a survivor. A light of hope started to flicker in our hearts. We referred to MAHAK and I defeated cancer with the help of the medical staff and psychologists."
What you read above was the story of Hossein's recovery from cancer that lives in a village in Ilam. He could not attend school to study the 7th grade lessons due to his treatment, however he was taught by MAHAK's volunteer teachers and afterwards he did his best to be able to study his favorite field at the university. Hossein is the first medical student of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences from his village in Ilam. He likes to dedicate all his knowledge to cancer-stricken children.
Many of MAHAK children take the path of success after they recover from cancer as Hossein did. Their success proves to the donors that their benefaction has bared fruit and MAHAK children take steps towards success to return to the society all of  the time, resources and professionalism which have been dedicated to them.
By sharing Hossein's story you will play a significant role in inviting more people to join and expand MAHAK's family which eventually results in the increase in the number of MAHAK's cancer-survivors.
So share this post now to make MAHAK family grow.