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I was six when I was diagnosed with cancer.

"I was six when I was diagnosed with cancer. The start of my treatment process coincided with my first days at school but nothing could prevent me from studying. I studied in all situations and places, at home, at the hospital and even when I was receiving chemotherapy medications. Due to the same reason I have always been the top student in my classes. I remember once I could not be present at school on the first day and I followed the first-day news on TV and was about to cry. Another memory I have is that once I sat for my sixth grade exams at MAHAK hospital and became the top student once more. Now my average score is 19.84 (out of 20) and next year I will sit for the university entrance exam. I will do my best to study law and become a successful person."


Razieh's, one of MAHAK cancer-survivors, eyes were glowing with enthusiasm when she was talking about studying. Under the roof of MAHAK we strive, in all circumstances, in order for the cancer-stricken children not to be deprived from receiving educational services. We have great wishes for the future life of our little heroes which can only be granted through your constant patronage and support.