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"Roghayeh's treatment in MAHAK took three years.
"Roghayeh's treatment in MAHAK took three years. In 2008 our daughter was diagnosed with cancer and in 2013 she went on remission. At the moment she should be under medical supervision and every three months we come to MAHAK for check-up." About their presence at MAHAK after Roghayeh's remission her mother adds: "I come here once a week to help calm down the mothers of the hospitalized cancer-stricken children. The problem is that cancer affects all the family members and sometimes parents should be reminded not to forget to pay attention to their other children. Being in the hospital and passing the treatment process is a big challenge for children and their families which affect the parents' morale. We are here to help them keep their spirits up. We try to involve the parents with motivating activities to keep them away from pessimism and hopelessness."
MAHAK’s parents group consists of families of the recovered children from cancer or the families of the demised. The members of this group talk to the parents of the cancer-stricken children and tell them about their experience so that they can confront and accept the truth. We believe that with cooperation of the benefactors, the families can overcome the hardships and will be able to create happy moments out of little opportunities for all the members of their small community.