last update: 28-09-2023






Terms and Conditions
1. MAHAK website has only designed to provide individuals and corporate entities with information about collaborating with, supporting, being member of this charity organization or obtaining professional information in the field of finance, treatment services to cancer-stricken children covered by MAHAK charity and its highly specialized hospital.
2. All rights regarding usage of its Logo, images ( Including; photos or video ) and all website designing have been reserved for MAHAK. Any copyright is merely allowed by receiving written letter of permission issued by MAHAK public relations even though you may interest to help MAHAK.
3. We request all philanthropists who are keen to support MAHAK and its children to get permission from MAHAK charity before using its Logo or Link. Therefore any use of name, logo and link of MAHAK is not legal without MAHAK written approval and it could lead to legal prosecution.
4. MAHAK doesn’t have any branches or offices in Iran or abroad except those have been mentioned in our website.