last update: 28-09-2023



Devoted to pediatric cancer diagnosis, treatment, and research, MAHAK is a well-known NGO that relies exclusively on public donations of all kinds for its operations, including cash, goods, services and expertise. We place a great deal of emphasis on achieving our humanitarian goals by attracting public participation. As a result, support for MAHAK’s programs for children suffering from cancer and their families has increased remarkably. The Fundraising department facilitates the donation process for charitable contributions for the cancer-stricken children, and is continuously exploring different methods to increase participation such as expanding the geographic coverage of offices and distributing donation boxes throughout the country as well as using technological platforms such as on-line payment mechanisms.

To encourage further contributions, MAHAK undertakes the installation of donation boxes, membership drives, direct advertising and income generating projects as well as public relations campaigns that support and maintain our rapport with volunteers and donors at both the national and international levels.  Furthermore, many of our fundraising offices are open all day long, with staff working in two shifts to provide support and receive donations throughout the day.

Transparency and accountability characterize all the activities of this department as charitable contributions in every size and type, whether donations or participation, are crucial to secure the financial resources necessary to achieve our overriding goal: “MAHAK will do all that it can so that no child will go untreated because of the inability to pay treatment costs.”